Yury Vasiliev
Yury Vasiliev was born on January 14, 1924 in Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region. In 1949 he graduated from Moscow Art School in memory of 1905.
The beginning of his creative activity dates back to 1951.

He worked in the genre of landscape and thematic painting.
The image of nature in the artist's landscapes is lyrical and deeply human. The artist’s landscapes excite everyone who truly admires the beauty of the nature of our native country. He knew how to see and reveal the inner essence of what is happening behind externally unremarkable picture, knew how to show every corner of the nature as a part, which is infinitely dear and close to a Russian person.

Yury Vasiliev became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR in 1957. Since 1961 the artist was the deputy secretary of the creative group of Podolsk artists, a member of Moscow Union of Artists.
He died in 1975.
Republican art exhibition (1951-1957), republican exhibition "Soviet Russia" (1960), exhibition in the USA (1965), III regional exhibition (Smolensk, 1969), IV republican exhibition "Soviet Russia" (1970), all-union exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin (1970), international exhibition in Milan (Italy, 1970), republican exhibition "Earth and People" (1972), regional, republican and all-union exhibitions (1973-1975).

Main works: "On the Oka", "Autumn Motif", "Melting Snow", "Birches near the House", "Spring Morning", "Winter Lace", "April", "After the Rain", "Autumn Gold", "Clouds”, “Bird cherry over water”, “Silver day”, “Evening frowned black eyebrows”, “Emerald landscape”, “Blue evening”.
Yury Vasiliev was a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.
He was awarded with medals "For Courage", "For the Defence of Moscow", "For the Victory over Germany", "25 Years of Victory", "50 Years of the Soviet Army", "For Participation in the IV Republican Exhibition "Soviet Russia -1970".
The artist's paintings are now in many art museums in Russia and in private collections abroad: Germany, England, France, Japan.

Осень за деревней 87х106, 60-е годы
Обнаженная. 40х100, холст, масло, 1960-е
Деревня Белавино, 1968 г.
Зима в Преславле
Натюрморт с самоваром, 1970 г.
У причала, Новороссийск
Март, 1970 г.
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