Alexey Terenin
Alexey Terenin was born in Moscow in 1969.
In 1993 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute.
In 1986-1993 Alexey Terenin began his career as a graphic artist and
painter, in his works he successfully combines the education of an
architect and the practice of an artist.

In 1992 he began to exhibit in Moscow galleries. In his work Alexey Terenin absorbed the heritage of the cultures of the West and the East. The language of memories and associations in the style chosen by the artist allowed him to create a big city of dreams, inhabited by the ghosts of the past and conveyed in the most peculiar and unpredictable way. In the depths of his fantasy, the artist chooses the time, place and rules of the game, and then sets off on a journey with his characters.
Currently, Terenin lives and works in Europe, which influenced the «gothic» distinctiveness of his works, while Moscow gave him a sense of interweaving eras, masquerade, history, which is clearly present in his paintings. The artist has found his own extraordinary way of knowing the world.

The artist's paintings are in private collections in Germany, USA, Japan, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia.
Точки зрения
Светлые мысли
Свет и тень
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