Nadezhda Lebedeva
Nadezhda Lebedeva was born on August 1, 1948 in Orsk, Orenburg region.

In 1970 she graduated from Ryazan Art College, where she studied with such teachers as P.I. Budkina, V.V. Ageeva.
The beginning of her creative career dates back to 1974.

Lebedeva works in the genres of landscape, portrait, still life, composition.
Her works have highly remarkable individual pictorial style.
The artist deliberately moves away from natural motifs, creating on canvases her own world, full of fantasy, striving for a beautiful harmony of color, for the unity of the living and objective worlds.

Nadezhda Lebedeva became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia in 1977. Since 1996 she’s been a member of the painting section department of Moscow Union of Artists.
Regional portrait exhibition (1974), all-union youth exhibition "Youth of the Country" (1976), republican art exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the victory in the Second World War (1975), republican art exhibition "Artists for Children" (1977), regional art exhibitions "Moscow Region" (1980, 1984, 1990), group exhibitions of artists’ works in Luxembourg (1992), in Trier (Germany, 1995), "Art Manezh" (Moscow 1997, 1998), regional anniversary exhibition "50 years of MOOSKh (Moscow Union of Artists)" (1996), VIII exhibition of works by artists of the central regions of Russia (1997), exhibition "International Art Salon" (Moscow, Central House of Artists, 1998, 2001), republican art exhibition "Russia-IX" (1999), I exhibition of contemporary Russian painting in Seoul (South Korea, 1999), group exhibition of artists’ works in the Central House of Artists (Moscow, 2000), group exhibition of artists’ works in the gallery "7 nails" (Moscow, 2001), all-Russian art exhibition "To Your Name", dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ (2000). Personal exhibitions in Seoul and Gwangju (South Korea, 1999).

Main works: “Self-portrait with daughter”, “Portrait of the artist Yu.V. Vasiliev”, “Portrait of the sculptor S.M. Udalova”, “Self-portrait”, “Leaving Summer”, “Village”, “Summer”, “Apples”, “Autumn”, “Summer. Noon”, “Sun”, “Calm”, “Waiting”, “Motherhood”, “White Goats”, “Landscape”, diptych “Light and Shadows”, “Picking Apples”, “Sunflowers”, “End of Summer”, “Bathing a Baby”, “Evening Hour”, “Time to Bloom”, “Spring in the Crimea”.

Lebedeva’s works are exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), in Tyumen Art Gallery, as well as in the collections of Prodradtechbank (Moscow), of the Swiss Bank (Moscow), Hirotoku Company (Japan), in the gallery “Korea” (Seoul, South Korea), in the collection of B. Zamoron (Luxembourg), in the collection of the International Art Fund (Moscow), in private collections in Russia, Luxembourg, Germany, South Korea, Japan, USA, France.
Без названия. 90х100. х.м. 2012.
Букет. 100х70. х.м. 2012
В цвету (Жизнь художника). 170 х 170. Холст, масло. 1978 9 20014
Девочка и цветы. 96 х 70. Холст, масло. 1984
Диалог. 150 х 97. Холст, масло. 1984
За околицей. 70 х 97. Холст, масло. 1983
Лейтмотив. 100х120. х.м.2006
Мост через р. Вологду. 55 х 55. Холст, масло.1978
Натюрморт с лимонами. 50 х 70. Холст, масло. 1990
Натюрморт с лимонами. 63х75. х.м.1980
Ночь осени. 50 х 70. Холст, масло. 2002
Ночь. 170 х 150. Холст, масло. 1984
Обрыв. 100 х 100. Холст, масло. 1980
Ожидание встречи. 100х120. х.м.2016
Околица. 73 х 85. х.м. 2003
Портрет Т. Ивановой. 115 х 90. Холст, масло. 1987
Рассвет. 90х120. х.м. 2002
Растворение. 80х100. х.м. 2005
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