Mikhail Kapralov
Mikhail Kapralov was born on August 21, 1964.
In 1983 he graduated from Yaroslavl Art College, in 1989 - from Moscow Academy of Art and Industry named after S.G. Stroganov with a degree in decorative and applied arts (graphics). After graduating from the institute, the artist worked at the Combine of Graphic Arts of the Union of Artists of the Russian SFSR. Mikhail Kapralov was the chief artist of the publishing house "Asmo-press" (1995-2003), automotive editions "Autopilot" and "Klaxon" (2003-2007). Since 2007 he has been the chief artist of ALF-Media (production of printed materials for Volkswagen GroupRus).
Mikhail Kapralov’s works combine ultra-modern artistic techniques with a deep insight into the essence of the surrounding world. The artist expresses a nontypical view of the nature of things and phenomena in the symbiosis of the visual range with the art of the word. Photography, collage, drawing, calligraphy are the artist's favorite techniques, which he often supplements with some poetry of his own composition or just a word. Kapralov’s works are presented to the viewer as a series of phenomena that the author cares about. They are both lyrical and dynamic, just like the surrounding world, as well as perfect and impeccable in the techniques chosen by the artist.

Mikhail Kapralov is a regular participant of art exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.
We are glad to present the artist’s works:

Forks. Another life
A long, long time ago, when we, now living, were not yet in this world, these simple, but such necessary cutlery, were living their modest life. They had a "roof over their heads", they were cleaned, washed, wiped. Not every thing could boast of such attention to its personage. And it seemed that this quiet careless existence would last forever.

But at some moment, everything suddenly changed, something irreparable happened - they were pointed to a door. Why, how come: one could only guess. Among the reasons there could be old age, and uselessness, and simply going out of fashion. And deprived of their familiar environment, their vocation, they were lost. No one knows how many of them perished in this confusing and rapidly changing world. Only a few of them have survived in spite of all adversity.
36 assistants. A jack-of-all-trades box
Today, when in everyday life people are constantly faced with the need for numerous trips, cooking, minor repairs and other household chores, there is an acute shortage of specialists in each of these areas. A good universal master is as rare as hen’s teeth. The project presents six main specialties that will meet the needs of a modern urban dweller. In addition, the emotional component of the expert is also taken into account - when choosing a specific specialist, you can choose a psychological type close to yourself. All in all, there are six individual settings for each master. To match the top of the head, when turning the lid, you can pick up the lower part that you like best. As a result, six assistants miraculously turn into thirty-six! They will come to the rescue at any time of the day or night, just twist the lid.

12 months.
Where letters gather, words get born
A person who is attentive to the nature around him notices constant changes in it. Leaves on the trees turned yellow, birds for no reason began to gather in flocks and patrol back and forth in the sky. Then it began to rain more often, the red bar on the thermometer is dropping lower and lower. And now the first snow is falling out of a clear blue sky.
But just recently you were basking in the shady coolness of an old maple tree, hiding from the mercilessly scorching sun. And now it seems like a dream, but in reality, you are surrounded by a completely different world. The world, which does not stop even for a moment, continues to change before our eyes. And every day, every month, every year in this way. All our lives.
This project presents 12 works where handwritten names of the months are combined with an abstract or photographic image that corresponds to a particular season. Although the names are written in Russian, the letters are sometimes intertwined and merged with each other in such a way that it is not always possible to immediately recognize the word. This “puzzle solving” makes one sharpen wit and imagination and feel the graphics of the letters, in which we do not see the meaning when they are separated from each other, but, when combined into a word form, these letters give rise to vivid images within us. The name of a month is no longer perceived as just a name, but it becomes a symbol of the characteristic season.
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